5 ways to help the animals

I am sure you already knew that, but everyday choices and actions we make affect animals and their natural habitats. At KABAK, we try to do our best to limit this influence. Even if you think that one person cannot change anything, we are convinced that everyone can do their part and help the environment. That is why we have prepared a brief list of 5 different ideas that you can use to improve animals' lives. Each small step makes a difference. Try to take them regularly and you'll see a change.


1. Try to be vegan - at least occasionally

I’m not gonna convince anyone to radically change their diet and become a vegan. Things like that need time. However, it’s good to limit meat in everyday meals. Replace beef or chicken with something vegetarian. Taco Tuesday and burrito with fried avocado? Veggie burger? Pizza Friday with your favourite vegetables? Try at least once a week.

Maybe it’s time to experiment with your coffee. Welcome a new day with something other than regular milk and get some fun in your morning routine. Oat milk? Almond milk? Choose yourself. Find flavours that’ll make you want to give up meat and animal products at least a few times in a month and believe me - you make a difference!


2. Check the ingredients and composition before you buy

It’s so easy! Checking labels doesn’t take much time and isn’t complicated. It can only widen your knowledge about the food you eat. Learn about palm oil and eliminate it from your diet. Trust me, just do it. It’s not only bad for your health but also extremely harmful to the environment. To cultivate the oil palm trees, people cut down and burn large areas of tropical forests that are home to half of the discovered plants and animals.

Have you ever wondered what's in your face-creams and serums? 

When it comes to cosmetics, it's worth avoiding certain ingredients as: 

collagen- made of leather, animal bones, chicken and cattle embryos or fish scales

elastin - the protein resourced from animal tissue

meat and bone meals

natural musk


3.  Learn about slow fashion and vegan cosmetics

The best way to avoid animal products in clothes and cosmetics is to find vegan replacements. You can read more about vegan fashion here. When it comes to cosmetics, we can recommend Mydlarnia 4szpaki, Zielone Laboratorium or PuroBio. Reach for them and try something that is cruelty-free and wasn’t tested on animals.


4.  Adopt remotely

I know. Not everyone can keep a pet. It’s all about the right place, money, time and huge responsibility. What if I told you, you can do it virtually? And it doesn’t have to be a dog or a cat. Adopt a goat, deer, a horse or a hawk! KABAK adopted the fox - Zuzak. After some time of recovery and money we collected with Charity Socks - Zuzak the Fox , Zuzak came back to his natural habitat! 


5.  Volunteer at the local animal shelter

Animal shelters and animal recovery centres need money. Even most certainly, they need time. If you have some of those, maybe it’s good to become a  volunteer and help? You could take some dogs for a walk or take care of a cat. Are you allergic to fur? You can help in so many different ways! Find homes for the animals or create posters supporting your local animal shelter.


These are just a few things you can change in your daily routine to make animals' lives better. Have more ideas? Let us know!



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