Candle that solves all problems

Scented candles are these little accessories that make a big difference. They fill up your home with a cosy aroma and add an unusual character. The industry is full of different candles. It’s good to know which one to choose. Apparently, it’s not just about the fragrance. A candle can affect your health as well.


Perhaps the factor that determines which one you choose is the price. It varies depending on the capacity,  appearance, package but mostly the ingredients used during the production. These materials can be either good for your health or completely opposite. That’s why you can’t look only at the cost.


Good candle. What does it even mean?

You can find different kinds of candles - paraffin, stearin, beeswax or soy wax. Although paraffin candles are the cheapest and the most popular ones, you should avoid them. Paraffin is a derivative of the crude oil fraction to which dyes, oil and fragrance substances are being added. Sounds bad? That’s not all. While your paraffin candle is burning down, it emits harmful substances. They’re bad for your health.

Another popular substance used during the production of scented candles is stearin - a mix of palmitic and stearic acids. Stearin candles are usually made of animal products or palm oil. It’s not right for vegetarians and vegans.

Beeswax candles are one of the best. They are completely natural. How are they made? Well, you cannot harvest honey without harvesting beeswax. It has its place in the combs. Beeswax candles have a healing effect. They naturally purify the air and help those who suffer from asthma or allergies! Beeswax is very efficient - it burns down longer than paraffin or stearin.

Soy wax is another natural product on the list - it’s made of soy seeds. This wax is often used during the production of cosmetics due to its moisturising and oiling effects. Soy candles are also aromatherapeutic. It’s good to check how certain fragrances work since each one of them affects your body differently! Oh and I have to mention! Soy wax is the only 100% vegan.

Wick might be another important factor while choosing a candle. Have you ever thought about it? Some of them contain lead, zinc or tin.  They’re harmful to your health. It’s good to look for candles with cotton or wooden wicks.


Different fragrances for different needs

What makes the scented candle smell so good? It is all about the etheric oils added to the wax. They are responsible for the fragrance. What is interesting, they also affect some things. Natural etheric oils are known for their aromatherapeutic effects. They might improve your mood or help your muscles to relax.

For example - rosemary, thyme and geranium oils boost your blood pressure while juniper, sage or lemon balm lower it. Sandalwood oil, chamomile and tea oils are anti-inflammatory.

Once you know the effects of certain oils, you will know what fragrance to choose. Maybe you need some relaxation and want something that helps to calm down? Get the candle with the aroma of oranges, sage, rose or lavender. If you are looking for something for pain or nerves, choose a candle with the addition of cloves, lemon balm, basil, lavender or valerian. The ginger candle will be perfect for those who need an energy boost.


Light a candle that won’t burn down too fast

If you want your scented candle to last longer, you need to care about the time of burning. It shouldn’t be longer than 3-4 hours. Why? The wax doesn’t melt across the whole surface of the candle when you burn it too short. Do you know this annoying tunnel around the wick? It happens when you either burn your candle for too short or too long. After 4h, the wax melts not only on the surface. It also melts deeper what causes the whole wick to move. You should shorten the wick by 3-4mm. It won't emit smoke if you do that each time before you light a candle. The proper storage of the candles might also improve their quality. It’s good for them to be kept in cold and dark places. If you want your candle to retain a good smell, always keep it closed.



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