How to choose the right pair of socks?

Do you need socks that’ll fit your outfit not only in everyday situations but also during celebrations and family events? Are you wondering how to pick them and more certainly where to find them?

Nearly everyone has a pair of colourful socks in their closet, next to those classic, single-colour ones. If you don’t, then it’s high time for you! Since colourful and joyful socks tend to be a little bit more expensive it’s good to know how to pick them so they’re durable and last longer than till the first wash.


The quality sock - what kind of a composition does it need?

People say that the best clothes are those cotton ones.

Yes, cotton is soft and most certainly it is 100% natural but it’s good to know that in the case of the socks, it’s not necessarily the best composition. Like every other material, cotton has its bad sides and it affects the comfort of wearing a sock. Cotton fibres absorb moisture. It is very likely that the wet socks stretch, distort and probably will never go back to their previous size. Cotton socks are not flexible either. For those reasons, 100% cotton socks might seem nice in touch but it’s not the best in everyday situations: it will slide down your calf and oh, washing it might be a nightmare. That’s why it’s good to put a little attention to the composition of the socks while choosing them. You need other types of fabrics to keep the material in optimal quality. 80% cotton, 15% polyamide, 5% elastane. That’s your answer. Why? Polyamide enforces the thread making your sock last longer. The addition of elastane keeps your socks in one place when you walk - that’s why you won’t have to keep pulling your socks up every 5 minutes. Trust us. We’re kind of socks experts ourselves. 


Cotton or Cotton?

Materials used during the production and the quality of the cotton are equally important. There are different types of cotton and it’s good to find the information about it while buying not only socks but all types of clothes. At KABAK we use only combed cotton which fibres are carefully selected and purified. This kind of process lasts up to 5 times longer than a standard one but it is worth it. The results are the smooth and long fibres, resistant to distorts. That’s the secret of KABAK’s soft, breathable and nice touch socks that you can find in so many patterns! Find out for yourself and if somehow you won’t find what you’re looking for let us know - we’d love to hear about your ideas.


What size of socks should you use?

Once you’ll find the socks in your favourite pattern the only choice to make is the size. And here the troubles begin - you don’t try on the socks and their sizes vary, depending on the producer. How are you supposed to know whether you should pick 36 or 37? It’s even harder when you buy the socks for the gift. Well, good luck with that.

That’s why it’s good to get socks in a wide range of sizes. That’s why at KABAK we offer sizes: 36-41 and 42-46. This range might seem even a little bit too wide but trust us, after the first wash you’ll feel as if we made these socks just for you! Only imagine how easy it is when you have to buy socks for the gift!





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