How to wear colourful socks?
How to wear colourful socks?

For a few years now, colourful socks have rocked both in men and women fashion. If you’re wondering whether you’ll find some spot for them also in your closet, the answer is: yes! The best thing about colourful socks is that they’ll work with absolutely every outfit. Don’t worry if you have no clue how to wear them. Below you’ll find some inspiring ideas.

First thing first: remember that the main rule of wearing colourful socks is feeling comfortable with them. Find your style and brighten up your outfit!.


Classical classiness

The safest way of wearing colourful socks is to match their colour with the rest of your outfit. Just think what colour your pants are. Classic jeans? Get yourself a pair of ribbed light blue socks! Match them with your favourite shirt, coat or hoodie!

Go ahead and add some fun to this classical idea and choose socks with a subtle pattern. In our offer, you can find navy blue socks with little fox terriers. They’ll be great with navy blue suits that you wear during the more official events. Thanks to the subtle pattern, your outfit remains simple and minimalistic but gains some character!


Use your socks to create a contrast

Match them based on the contrast you want to create. Wear crazy and fun socks to your single-colour, simple outfit. Bet on something intense like Ducks, Flamingos or Avocado socks. Remember that the most colourful socks look the best when the rest of your outfit stays simple and none of the colours is intense. In case you like patterned hoodies or colourful pants, choose single-colour socks. In that kind of outfit, simple classic ribbed socks will be perfect.


Colourful socks with the suit?

Absolutely! I’d vote yes. Colourful socks and a suit are a perfect way to add some character to formal outfits. Just remember - the more official event, the less colourful socks. For those extremely official occasions, wear socks with simple patterns and subtle tones - double-colour socks in dots or stripes will be perfect. In case of less formal events, you can go ahead and choose some fan: pink socks in unicorns for example!


What else?

Wear colourful socks with absolutely everything! Nowadays, the variety of colours and patterns lets you find a perfect pair for every occasion. If you’re looking for something you can wear during the party or with a dress, wear KABAK x Rilke glitter socks that are available in so many colours! Candy Rose? Persian Blue? You choose!


Maybe you just want to chill out with a cup of tea and your favourite blanket and that’s also fine. You’d like our thick, winter socks. At KABAK we create our offer to make sure that everyone will find something for themselves.


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