Is KABAK really that sustainable?
Is KABAK really that sustainable?

Ecological ideas have always seemed very close to us and we feel like typical marketing strategies, materialism and beating the sale records do not match with values we care about the most. That’s why we will not encourage you to do another shopping. In this article, we tell you about all the actions our brand takes to become 100% sustainable.


Made in Poland

Let’s start with the fact that all KABAK products are manufactured in Poland. This is how it’s always been and how it's gonna be no matter how big our brand will become in the future. Local production gives us a possibility to control the quality of the product on each level, hire locally and continue the meaningful textile tradition in Poland.


Only vegan products

All products available in our offer are 100% vegan. We eliminated all animal products and kept animals only on our colourful patterns.


Responsible materials

We made sure your package won’t generate too much waste and got rid of the plastic. That's why there's no foil in our packages and the tape is replaced with the paper one. We reuse cardboard boxes. In our labels and other paper products, we only use ecological papers as crush (made out of organic waste as citrus and coffee) and kraft (made 100% out of recycled waste paper).


We took a step further

We eliminated all the waste by turning all the useless pieces into something. All the tiny threads made as a side effect of socks’ production could be counted in tones. At KABAK we do not generate any type of textile industry's garbage by using waste as fillings for pillows or armchairs.


Organic cotton

Our socks are made of certified combed cotton. In 2020 we eliminated acrylic from our scarves and beanies and replaced it with cotton. At the beginning of 2021, the first organic cotton classic socks collection came out at our KABAK store. 


Recycled cotton

We created the lumberjack collection. New beanies are made of as much as 92% recycled cotton. Could you imagine that they were once a pair of jeans?


Our goals for the future

Apparently, you can recycle PET bottles and use them to produce textile fabrics. Amazing, right? Our goals for the future are clear - we want to become more sustainable. That’s why we want to create a collection of new towels made out of recycled plastic bottles. By using the same technique, we can also replace eco-leather patches in our beanies. We’ll widen the offer of organic cotton products and improve packaging.


Dig a little deeper

Besides caring for our own brand’s sustainability, we’re doing our best to participate in charity events. We created a collection Strong Women for Strong Women that were helping women in need.  On KABAK’s 6th birthday we adopted goat Nikodem and organized fundraising for the Animal Periodic Rehabilitation Center in Jelonki. You can still get socks from our KABAK x Rak’n’Roll collection which helps fight cancer.


Nobody’s perfect and neither is KABAK but our brand has a goal that we all consequently try to reach. We’re proud of our work and the company’s development. We’re still learning and we’re still searching for new solutions to become environmentally friendlier. Thank you for being with us. It’s you who motivates us to be better and makes our growth possible.


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