KABAK beanies guidebook
KABAK beanies guidebook




The choice between so many different KABAK beanies feels a little overwhelming? We’re here to help! Read our beanie guidebook and get rid of the doubts. I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for yourself!

Beanie - a timeless classic

The KABAK beanie is this kind of product at our store that fits every head and every outfit. Its classic and simple shape makes it perfect - no matter who you are or where you’re going. The standard beanie has 22 cm height and 20 cm width, but it has a bottom part that you can adjust by rolling it up and down. Is it really that flexible?

Thanks to the 100% combed cotton material, the beanie will easily stretch and fit your head even if it seems a little bit too tight at first.

Sharing is caring. Unfortunately, in the case of our KABAK beanies, it’s not the best idea. If you give your beanie to the person with a bigger head, it might not go back to its original size.

Since there are no synthetic fibres in the composition, the beanie is safe for sensitive skin. It doesn’t irritate or make you itchy. The beanie has an eco faux leather patch. That makes our product 100% vegan.

You’ll find our beanie in almost every colour - you can match it with the tone of your coat or jacket. We can guarantee that it’ll work great in every season, both chilly summer evenings or freezing winter.


Alcatraz beanies with a yarn weave

The Alcatraz beanie is something you can wear all year long - it’ll work perfectly in early spring until late autumn. If the winter’s not the worst - wear it during the mild winter days and enjoy the first snow days! The Alcatraz beanie is 100% combed cotton - it makes you warm but not too warm.  To be precise, it gives your head as much warmth as you need :) The natural composition of this beanie doesn’t irritate or make the skin itchy - even if you wear it all day long. The Alcatraz beanie has 20 cm height and about 16 cm width - that makes it the tightest KABAK beanie. Once you put it on, the beanie covers your ears, reaching a little bit below them without making you look like a goofy dwarf.

What’s so special about this model? It has a characteristic yarn weave that makes the beanie look knitted. The patch on the side of the beanie is of eco faux leather. Alcatraz beanie, like other products from KABAK, is completely vegan.


Winter Warm beanies - irreplaceable in the coldest weather 

 If you’re looking for a beanie that’ll keep you warm even on the Siberian or Canadian type of cold, bet on the Winter Warm KABAK beanie! It’s definitely the thickest and warmest type of beanie available in our store. Winter beanie has 21 cm height and 22 cm width. It's made of double-layer dense cotton material. That’s why even though at first it might seem pretty large, once you’ll put it on, it adjusts pretty well, protecting you from wind and freezing cold. What makes it so warm? The composition (100% combed cotton) makes the beanie a natural isolator that won’t over warm your head and doesn’t irritate the skin.

The bottom part of the beanie is not permanently sewed. You can still roll it up or down and adjust its size according to your needs. The patch on the side is made of eco-leather.


Short burglar beanies - fulfill your outfit in summer

Maybe you need something that’ll be a great accessory to your outfit.

A short burglar beanie is a perfect choice! It’s the shortest beanie at KABAK: it has 15 cm height and 21 cm width. When you put it on your head, it reaches a little bit above your ears. The burglar beanie is also the thinnest - it’s made of single-layer material and has a subtle weave that makes it look as knitted. That’s why it is perfect for late summer adventures and evening walks!

In the composition of the KABAK short burglar beanie there’s 100% high quality combed cotton that doesn’t sensitize or irritate even sensitive skin. The patch on the side is made of eco faux leather. Beanie is 100% vegan.


The lumberjack’s - recycled beanies collection

The lumberjack’s beanies or the recycled beanies as we called them, are perfect for those who look for practical and ecological solutions in the fashion industry. They are made of 92% recycled cotton fibres that were once a pair of jeans (that’s where the subtle colours of our beanies came from). Polyester and polyamide contained in the composition enforce the fibre and make it durable. That’s why the beanie will last long. The label on the side is made of recycled materials as well - once upon a time, it was a plastic bottle.

The lumberjack’s beanie has 20 cm heights and 18 cm width. It’ll lay well on your head without making you look like a goofy dwarf :)

The lumberjack’s beanies’ collection has a Recycled Blended Claim Standard certificate that is an international standard. You can be sure that the materials are resourced responsibly and the transportation of them is transparent. You can find more information about this product here.

In case you prefer exploring the KABAK world on your own, click here and move to the beanie category.


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