KABAK sport terrycloth socks
KABAK sport terrycloth socks

Sport terry socks. If the thought about them still brings you cringy memories of your not the best fashion choices from the 90s' and early 2000s' it's probably high time to change it. Warm ankle terry socks rock again. Deal with it, embrace it, enjoy it.  


No more bare ankles 

Thank god it's over. No more bare ankles. No more sacrificing in the name of fashion. Goodbye cold! With this 90's fashion trend, you can feel safe this winter. Forget about matching your sneakers with the no-show socks. Terrycloth is your answer. Socks made out of this material don't just seem thicker and warmer. They actually are, thanks to their optimal composition. Cotton contained in that kind of sock is supposed to isolate you from the freezing weather and keep your ankle warm without the uncomfortable feeling of overheating. 


Be proud 

Don't be shy. Embrace your 90s' retro style and pull your socks with terrycloth up high. Their simple design makes them fit almost every outfit. You don't need to wear them with your yoga pants or sweatpants! Match them with your vintage shorts, old-school jeans, or the corduroy dress, and spread the throwback time vibe wherever you are. At KABAK, we make our sport terry socks simple - pick your favorite color. Classic white ones with blue and red stripes on the cuff? Sounds like a great option that goes well with the jeans jacket and late summer road trip! Perfect for city walks and countryside adventures. You don't need to be an athlete. Just be cool. 


Gym socks 

We didn't put the word "sport" before the name of our terrycloth socks by mistake. They're good to exercise for a reason. We make our KABAK socks out of 80% combed cotton that is a natural and durable fabric. Opposite to synthetic materials, it leads the moisture out of the inner layer of the sock. The high-quality cotton doesn't block the air circulation and won't irritate the skin. 

The elastane that we put in the cuff is supposed to keep the socks from annoyingly sliding down your leg. Is there anything worse than inflexible clothes and accessories that you need to adjust all the time while working out? Elastane is also the most expensive material in the composition. It's not supposed to put any pressure on your leg. It's there to keep the sock in one place and make you feel comfortable. 

What about polyamide? Its fibers are there to improve the durability of the sock. They strengthen the toe and heel parts of the socks and ensure they will last longer than until the second visit to the gym. 


Whether you want to awake your inner athlete or need something that will add some vintage style to your outfit - these socks are for you. Click here and welcome the 90s' vibe with KABAK. 


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