KABAK's organic cotton
KABAK's organic cotton

From the very beginning, we've been manufacturing KABAK socks out of the highest quality combed cotton. Last year we significantly improved the composition of our scarves and beanies and started to produce them also out of cotton. However, our goal is to make all KABAK products only out of organic cotton. Why?

Living in harmony with our surroundings and nature is one of these things that we value not only as a brand but most certainly as a people. That's why, while KABAK's growing, we do our best to discover new paths of development. And we don't think only about the company's growth. We want our actions and decisions to be mature, responsible and the consequent exchange of the materials in our products' composition is one of the most important steps we will take in the nearest future. Last year, we permanently excluded all animal products from our brand's offer. In that way, we became 100% vegan. We limited the usage of plastic and exchanged the regular tapes with the paper ones. 

We bet everything on organic cotton. Why? Because it's currently the most sustainable material available in the textile industry. The process of its production is always strictly controlled. That ensures that the cotton's planted and harvested in harmony with nature. We also know that no people are being exploited on the plantation, and the hand-picked cotton is the best possible quality. What's so special about the cultivation of organic cotton? It's a process that doesn't demand any pesticides, chemicals, or synthetic color dyes. That makes the clothes and accessories made of organic cotton purer and more durable. It doesn't sensitize or irritate sensitive skin, so it's a good choice even for babies and allergy sufferers. 

The first collection of KABAK organic cotton socks is already available at our stores. We started with the classic design that will fit all outfits and occasions. Our goal is to offer organic cotton in every category of the products soon. 


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