Local patterns on KABAK socks
Local patterns on KABAK socks


Local patterns on the socks - might be for you whether you live there or not.

Are you looking for a great souvenir from Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wroclaw or Zakopane? Are you a tourist? Perhaps you have your stop in Poland during your travels around the world? Maybe you’re a local patriot and love manifesting your passion to your hometown? Whoever you identify with, socks with local patterns help you preserve the memory of your favourite city!

Every town has its charm and remarkable atmosphere. Although Warsaw is our home, we love spending time in other Polish cities. Besides the capital, we also settled in other places. You can find our stores in Cracow, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wroclaw and Zakopane. These towns inspired us to create a unique collection of urban motifs. Check what we prepared!


The Warsaw style

We prepared three different patterns for Warsaw - Mermaid Socks, Warsaw Icons socks and Palace of Culture Socks. See the mermaid in the company of tenement houses and take a walk in Warsaw. Perfect for the spring coffee by the riverwalk!

The Palace of culture socks has a special place in our hearts because of the variety of versions. Find the most famous building of Warsaw in the company of King Kong, cats or dogs! Find out what we prepared for you in this season. You can find part of our socks also in kids sizes - create a whole family set!


Dragons and bagels in Caracow

Cracow is a legendary city. It inspired us to create something fresh - a collection of patterns connected with the town’s spirit and folk legends. What would be Cracow socks without dragons, bagels or St. Mary’s Church? Well, we didn’t put all of them together but created a few Cracow patterns. Church and bagels, pigeons and bagels and just bagels. Did you know that they have pretty good bagels in Cracow? ;) If you prefer something more classic, choose Cracow Icons socks.

Although each pattern is quite different, they all share the same city vibe (and the love for bagels!). Whether you need a souvenir from Cracow or you simply like this place, you’ll find something for yourself!


The Tri-City, Flounder and Neptun

We had a hard time designing the Tri-City sock. When we opened our store in Gdańsk we knew it’s time to choose. We wanted it to be special. Polish sea is this kind of place that deserves appreciation. After a discussion, we finally knew: queen of the Polish sea - the flounder! Socks with the fish became one of our favourite patterns. Their appealing charm led us to create ankle flounder socks as well. After some time, we realized that although they are unique, they are not local enough. We needed a symbol. The pride of Gdańsk. That’s why the other two patterns have Gdańsk’s icons and the famous Neptune Fountain.


Not only Poznań Goats

Everything good ended up on our Poznan socks. The city hall, goats and st.Martin’s croissant. We created Hello Poznan socks when we opened our store there. We wanted them to be local, traditional, sharing the love to the place. Another Poznan pattern was created as a result of the socks design workshop. The winning project - yellow socks with St. Martin’s croissant got its sympathy and ended up in our offer for good.


Wroclaw’s dwarfs

All dwarfs on board! Once we opened our store in Wroclaw, the local patterns stole everyone’s hearts. The most characteristic symbols of the city found their places in our new collection. Get yourself Wroclaw icons socks and have the sentimental walk within the centennial hall, millennium bridge and tenement houses. If you’re looking for something a little bit crazier, you’re going to love our Wroclaw’s dwarfs pattern. Bright colours and dwarfs that are so charming got to have their pattern. The KABAK socks are the perfect alternative for popular souvenirs such as mugs and bags.

Zakopane’s mountain chamois


Mountains have always had some special place in our hearts. South of Poland, Zakopane especially, is an endless source of inspiration four our designers. Creating a collection with mountain chamois was a natural step after opening a KABAK store at Krupówki street. Some time ago, Tatra’s goats within woods and mountain trails inspired us to create a unique Zakopane collection. What kind of traveller are you? Nature lover or city explorer? We created something for those who love trying traditional food and local recipes. Socks with Oscypek - a traditional smoked cheese that you can get only in the Polish mountains are now available at KABAK stores. Best with cranberry sauce!

KABAK socks with local patterns become a practical alternative for other typical souvenirs.


If not socks then local pins

Maybe the colourful socks are just not your thing and that’s okay. You’d like the local pins from our offer then. Same as the socks, they are available in a few urban styles. There’s a mermaid from Warsaw. Croissant from Poznan. Bagel and Pigeon from Cracow, Flounder and the lighthouse from Gdańsk. All originally designed and made in Poland.


If you’re looking for a way to share your love for your favourite city, you’ll always find something at KABAK.




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