Slow fashion - what is it?
Slow fashion - what is it?

I’m sure that you heard about slow food, slow travelling or the closest to us idea of slow fashion. In general, the philosophy of slowness is getting more and more popular. It has an impact on almost all aspects of our lives. What is it exactly? Why is it getting so popular? Let’s start from the beginning.

The Slow movement has its origin in 1986 in Italy, where one of the restaurants’ owners stood up against McDonald’s’ expansion in Rome. Many others supported him. That's how the idea of slow food started. The food prepared with care, in traditional methods and with the use of the highest quality ingredients. The assumptions of Slow turned out to be so universal that they started to be used also in other spheres of life, creating a whole Slow Movement. Its influence hasn't skip fashion.


What is the slow fashion?

The slow fashion philosophy is based on a few simple rules. First thing first - quality over quantity. Just think: do you really wear all the clothes that you have in your closet? I’m sure you just thought about this one shirt that you’ve kept in the bottom of your drawer for a few years now. Statistically, half of the clothes we own are useless - we simply never wear them. That’s why slow fashion encourages you to shop consciously for good quality products. Find something that will last longer than one season.


Slow fashion - how to start?

The beginnings are always hard. That’s why it’s good to consider your style and your needs. There’s no point in buying another dress if you feel the most comfortable in baggie jeans. Trust me. Even if the dress is cute and discounted. You’re not going to wear it. Think your style through and imagine what kind of clothes you like the most. Once you’ll figure that out it will be easier to choose right and wear them with a smile. This kind of attitude is going to save you from the sales traps. You’ll understand that just because something is cheap doesn’t mean you need to have it. Thanks to more responsible choices you’ll organise your wardrobe and create a timeless collection right for each occasion.


How am I supposed to know that the brand is slow?

You already know how to buy in the slow spirit. Now you need a few hints that’ll help you recognize what to buy. All these marketing slogans using words like slow, eco or bio very often are only just slogans. They want you to pay more just because someone put organic on it. Not only it is significant to check the product but also the brand. Read the labels, find out about the place where the cloth was manufactured and check the composition of the fibre. Did you know that the label on each KABAK product has information that the whole production has its place in Poland? You can be sure that by choosing something from KABAK, you support the local textile industry.


Slow attitude - when high sales are not your only goal

Slow brands never focus only on sales. They take a step further and dig a little deeper. At KABAK, we care about the environment by setting our goals around the idea of less waste. It is a 100% vegan brand - you can be sure that no products at our store have animal products in them. We want to be sustainable, honest and transparent for our customers. To do that, we compensate and minimize the influence our brand has on nature. All labels and other paper products at KABAK are out of kraft (made of recycled paper) or crush (out of organic waste: citruses, coffee, grapes and olives). We do not produce any cardboard boxes. We reuse those from the manufacturer instead. We are always excited about being involved in charity events like Rak'n'Roll or organizing our own like Strong Women for Strong Women that helps women in need.


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