KABAK changes for the better!
KABAK changes for the better!

As we're taking the next step towards becoming a fully sustainable brand, all KABAK beanies, scarves, and socks will be exclusively made out of the organic cotton startings this year. The first colors of hats and scarves in their new organic version can already be found at our stores, while we plan to make it the basing material for the entire KABAK production till 2023. 


Living in harmony with nature and the nearby environment is one of these values that we've cared deeply about since the beginning of KABAK. A business that runs responsibly, as we believe, not only is capable of reducing its influence on its surroundings but also stands as a factor for the development. We've been producing in Poland, which let us create job vacancies and support the local economy since the very beginning. The accessories and packages that we use at KABAK are 100% vegan. It means all of them are free from animal products. We always eagerly engage in social activities and organize some charity events on our own. We created a collection collaborating with the Rak'n'Roll foundation and Theater 21. KABAK is growing, and we do our best to make sure that while we all develop, the scale of our activities is widening as well. Replacing materials in our products into more ecological ones is a base for all these actions. 


Why organic cotton? 

We bet on organic cotton because it's currently one of the most sustainable sources available in the textile industry. Planting, harvesting, and dyeing organic cotton is a strictly controlled process. As a result, we can be sure that the crops grew in harmony with nature, without chemicals, pesticides, or exploiting people on the plantations. The biodegradable substances that are exclusively used while cultivating organic cotton have no negative impact on the soil or nearby environment. What's more, organic cotton is hand-picked. That makes it a purer and higher quality material that leads to longer durability.


What does it change?

Replacing current materials with organic cotton is an enormous step towards fully sustainable fashion. Thanks to this decision, only in 2022:

  • We can reduce the need for water by 42 986 700 l, as much as 12 Olympic pools could fit. Exactly, as if we filled 215 thousand bathtubs to the brims or 28,5 mln of 1,5 l plastic bottles. 
  • We can limit the use of energy by 71 217,2 MJ. That's as much as a 60W lightbulb would use if it worked for 37,5 years without a break!
  • We reduce the emission of CO2 by 6425 kg. Maybe you can picture it better in this way: 1 train would emit that much on a 229 465 km route (per passenger). Sounds like a lot, right? 229 465 km is almost as much as going around the globe six times!


What change do you make? 

We believe that the fashion industry needs sustainable alternatives that let their customers choose responsibly. In the end, the big difference is a result of small steps. See the below statistics and find out what power is in your choices! 

  • You help save up to 1696,5 l of water by choosing the organic cotton hat. That's as much as one person would use at their household within two weeks. 
  • By choosing the organic cotton socks, you help save about 520 l of water in the production process. 520 l equal 58 packs of water bottles 1,5 l each. 
  • Choosing the organic cotton scarf is helping to save 2610 l of water which is around 13 filled to the brims bathtubs. 

Although the introduction of organic cotton is a milestone in KABAK's history, it's not the last step of change yet. We constantly search for new directions and materials which let us become an entirely sustainable brand. 


P.S. Thank you for putting your time into reading this article! As a gesture of our gratitude, we'd like to give you a 15% discount code that you can spend on our organic cotton collection. All you have to do is use the code: ORGANIC while placing an order at our online store :) 

*All data used to count the statistics above come from The Soil Association, the British organization taking care of certification of the organic groceries. 

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