How to wear pins?

Belts, earrings, watches - these are simple ideas to brighten up and add some style to your everyday outfit. When it comes to nice accessories, KABAK has a few words to add. We’re constantly looking for ways to express your unusual character and improve your style. So how about PINS? If you don’t know much about them yet, read this article!

Have you wondered what pins are actually doing in the modern fashion world? Although for some pins might seem like manifesting something or being a member of an organization, it hasn’t been like that for a while now. Decorate your clothes however you want and whenever you want. Obviously, with the KABAK pins.


Why would I ever wear a pin?

When it comes to the pins, there are no rules. They look great with basically every outfit - starting with sporty hoodie and yoga pants and ending up with these more formal ones. The more important thing is in the image, pattern and colours. Choose a delicate floral pin that goes great with trekking shoes or bet on a mountain pin and take it on some adventures! Remember that whatever are your hobbies, you’ll find something for yourself at KABAK. Be creative and reach for something that’ll bring some fun into your outfits. Match your pins and place them next to each other on your jacket. They’ll go great with jeans fabrics, shorts, t-shirts and dresses! Add some character to your beanie or purse. We love to connect them with the Alcatraz and Short Burglar beanies. Feel inspired and go ahead with your new pin adventure.


What pin should I choose?

The best way is to choose a pin that fits absolutely every outfit. It’s true that the KABAK offer doesn’t have a pin with your favourite rock band but you can expect a few motifs that will bring a usual style to your closet. How about a bear? Swiss cheese plant? Maybe you’re a romantic soul that instead of buying real flowers, wants to get a bouquet that lasts longer? For travellers and those who love our Polish cities, we have a collection with our most iconic town’s symbols.


As you see, our pins are unusual and fit our needs. Have fun. Enjoy. Explore. There are so many motifs to use!




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