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Classic socks

Classic socks

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Classic red suit socks with blue elastane


Classic mustard socks with red dots


Blue classic socks with stripes


Classic red socks with black dots


Yellow socks with irregular red dots


Classic socks with big pastel dots


Classic socks Day 'n’ night


Classic socks Sea sunset


Classic socks Water and fire


Classic socks Blue blush

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Blue suit socks


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Classic purple suit socks with blue elastane


KABAK Classic patterns

They say classics are always trendy and it undoubtedly proves correct everyday. Traditional pieces of clothing are, most of all, practical. We can wear them on any occasion. KABAK prepared some classic style socks - both for women and men. They reach above the ankle, they are classically striped or decorated with a subtle pattern. You’ll certainly find something suiting your feet!

Minimalism with a bit of craziness

Classic sock were designed for those, who value everyday minimalism, but want to add some colour, eccentricity and ease to their outfit. Universal patterns of these socks - stripes, polka dots, ridges - make them suitable for women, as well as men. They will match classic women’s occasion wear and men’s suits. It’s a collection designed for everyone, regardless of gender or age.

Comfort of wear and good material quality

In our offer of classic socks you’ll find two size sections - 36-41 and 42-46. All socks are long, they reach approx. ⅓ of calf’s length. They have a welt, which prevents slippage, even though it’s practically imperceptible.

Our socks are 80% cotton. Good material quality protects your feet from abrasions and cold. It also ensures good ventilation, so they won’t sweat too much. You can safely put them in a washing machine in temperature below 40 degrees.


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