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Glitter socks

Glitter beetroots Glitter beetroots
Vendor: KABAK
Price: €8.00
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Socks Glitter black Socks Glitter black
Price: €8.00
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Socks Glitter heart Socks Glitter heart
Price: €8.00
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Socks Glitter violet Socks Glitter violet
Price: €8.00
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You won’t miss these socks!

Colourful socks are still on! You might even think that this pattern and colour craziness doesn’t have an end and that designer’s creativity has no limits. That’s why we came up with an idea to design original glitter socks. Wearing this type of socks you’ll draw the attention for sure, especially in a grey crowd of people. You’ll cause even a bigger furore when you wear them at a party!

So, put on glitter socks from KABAK and shine bright like a star!

An original model and comfort of wearing

KABAK socks - metallic and glossy - are available in many colours. They’ll make you shine and stand out in a crowd. Thanks to a non-binding cuff we can avoid pressure. However the sock doesn’t slip off and it fits the leg perfectly. The sock reaches ⅓ of the calf’s length, thanks to which your feet will be warmed up even on colder days. In addition, places which get used in most socks are strengthen with polyamide. You can enjoy your favourite model of our glitter socks for a long time.

This type of socks might seem a bit scratchy and unpleasant when you touch it. No need to worry, because the inside of our glitter socks are additionally softened, so your feet feel as much comfort as possible. This type of socks is thick enough on one side, so it protects our feet from abrasions and soft on the other one, so it’s delicate to even to the most sensitive skin.

You don’t have to worry about a special, delicate washing of the socks from our offer. You can easily put them in the washing machine and wash in a temperature up to 40 degrees.

Socks, that prevent from painful abrasions

Also, remember that KABAK offers glitter socks, which are extremely pleasant to the touch. Unlike other cheaper and lower quality products, your feet won’t get harmed in our KABAK socks.

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