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Lumberjack beanies

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Gift box L
Gift box L

Surprise your beloved one with KABAK accessories and make your present unforgettable with a KABAK gift box!

How does it work?

Add the box in the right size to the cart and leave a comment to your order about which products we should pack into the KABAK gift box. We'll take care of the rest :)
To make the process easier, we prepared an example of products that fit into the boxes. See the list below to find out which one you should choose for your gift.

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Price: €2.50

Recycled Beanies – giving Jeans the Second Life 

We proudly present recycled KABAK hats! As a total novelty in our stores, the cotton used in this new collection had been entirely recycled from the old jeans. Cool, isn't it? Not only do we reduce additional waste, but also effectively help to reuse clothes that are already in the cycle. The cotton used to produce our recycled beanies is certified by the Recycled Blended Claim Standard, which guarantees the sustainable production of the material and confirms its responsible sourcing of the yarn.

Colorful hats made of recycled cotton from the Lumberjack collection

Meet the product that combines care about the environment, nature, and modern design. By putting our hearts into the project and taking deep care of all details, we created a unique collection of KABAK recycled beanies. Each hat from the Lumberjack collection has a characteristic tag with a bear on the side part. We made these labels out of recycled PET bottles. 

Warm KABAK recycled hats won't overheat your head. That's because of the natural cotton yarn, a material that, commonly said, breathes. With the addition of polyamide, the fiber gains durability and will serve you for many years. 

Same as our other models of hats, the Lumberjack collection hats are available in several colors, among which everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of gender and age.

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