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Organic cotton burglar beanies

Stylish burglar beanies from KABAK!

A hat is an accessory not only for winter but also for colder summer or autumn evenings. We created KABAK organic cotton burglar beanies with the thought of chilly nights around campfires and long walks in the moonlight. The docker beanies made of organic cotton are soft and comfortable to wear, and since they don’t cover the ears, they prevent overheating and work great on warmer days. They are also very stylish and blend perfectly with outfits where colors play a leading role. The bold color palette of our beanies from this collection will never go unnoticed. As we constantly search for more responsible and sustainable solutions, we create looks that are not only fashionable but timeless and comfortable. We can ensure our accessories will serve you for years and remain harmless to nature by using environmentally friendly materials. 

Organic cotton burglar beanies for conscious customers

Do you care about ecology, but also your style and wearing comfort? If so, the timeless organic cotton burglar beanies will be a perfect choice! The material used for the production of our docker beanies is harvested without contact with aggressive fertilizers, which are harmful to the soil. It is also dyed naturally and safely, using pigments that are harmless to human skin.

We also encourage you to check out the organic cotton socks collection full of colorful patterns. Start your adventure with KABAK now!

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