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KABAK bath towel perfect for the sea and home. Sunbathing with style? Here you are! With us you will always know where you left your things on the beach. Geometric patterns will certainly attract the attention of not one sunbather.

Colorful towels

When summer comes, we want it to be warm, full of colors and good feelings. We also wanted to express this positive energy on our bath towels. You can use them both at home and on the beach, at pool or lake. They are quite big - they measure 140 x 70 cm - so you can successfully dry with them wet body after bathing, as well as use them as a soft sunbathing surface. With these colors you will certainly attract the hottest rays of the sun on the beach!

A towel with many uses

Today, more and more often, what we use every day at home, become its decoration. So it is with towels. They can be a practical and aesthetic element of the bathroom's decor. If you want to diversify the nature of your bathroom, you can use bath towels. Their colors and colorful patterns will give a unique look to any room. In addition, just as important, these are practical towels. Their size is large enough that you can wrap the whole body with a towel after bathing or make a turban for wet hair.

Colorful KABAK beach towels will also work outside as a soft base for your body. You can comfortably spread them out or wrap them when it gets colder over the water.

Colors and patterns
The KABAK brand was established in 2013. Since then, we have been constantly expanding our business. Today we sell not only colorful hats and socks, but also towels - currently in two designs. In accordance with the principle that clothing and accessories are to be a stylish element of our everyday lives, also KABAK towels are extremely colorful, expressing an optimistic attitude to the world, joy and smile.

The print was made on one side of the towel - the polyester one. The cotton side is for wiping and absorbs moisture very well. Towels should be washed by hand or in a washing machine up to 40 degrees. Do not iron them. Then they should remain in good condition and serve their owner for a long time.

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