Kaśka - poster Modernist Gdynia

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Kaśka Stańczak

A graphic designer and an illustrator. The creative half of the KABAK brand - it is under her hands that all designs and all arrangements in KABAK come out. She likes modernism and details in architecture. She seeks forms in nature, to which she escapes whenever she can. In the future, she would like to illustrate book covers.

Why Kaśka? Ironically - she hates this phrase;)

Kaśka posters are available in two sizes: 30x40 cm and 40x50 cm

All works are hand-printed on an EPSON P7000 printer, on high-quality Tecco PORTRAIN MATT paper with a weight of 230 g/m2. Actual colors may slightly differ from those on the screen. The frame is not on sale.

We send each graphic in a paper tube and we additionally secure it with paper.


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