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Organic cotton patterned ankle socks

Colorful, patterned organic cotton ankle socks

Warm summer days are the time many people await! The time when you replace your crazy long socks with even more colorful ankle socks. We present you with a whole new collection of patterned ankle socks, made in 80% of natural organic cotton

Our brand offers many unique and original designs - they are colorful, very positive, and crazy! Color the world with our organic cotton ankle socks and make it more joyful and fun! 

Organic cotton ankle socks with beautiful patterns 

Thanks to the colorful KABAK socks, everyone can effectively express their character, not allowing themselves to be suppressed by the gray reality. The offer of organic cotton ankle socks includes sizes from 36 to 41 and from 42 to 46. 

If you like our patterned ankle socks from the organic cotton collection, you should also check out KABAK classic ankle socks.


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