About Us




We created KABAK to bring well designed, original socks and accessories to European Market.



We like to say that KABAK is like a family. We are making a pretty good team because we all know each other.

Do you like the pattern on your socks? If not for our designers - Kasia and Maria, our products would’ve looked quite differently.

Kuba, Ola, Zuzia, Wiktor, Marta and Michał every day make sure that everything goes well and each sock, scarf and beanie will get enough love and remain in the highest quality.

Meet other members of our KABAK family at the stores in Kraków, Gdańsk, Warszawa, Wrocław and Zakopane.

Thanks to the local production, we can make sure that the whole process goes well. We can control the quality of the products before they end up in your hands. That’s why not only the socks but everything at KABAK is made in Poland.

The highest quality certified combed cotton and dyes that we use, do not sensitize and won’t irritate the sensitive skin. In our offer, you can also find a unique collection of organic cotton socks and beanies made of recycled cotton.

We can promise that the beanies, socks, blankets, lingerie and other accessories will stay colourful for good. The colour tones won’t get washed out or faded. In case you feel that it’s different, let us know! We want you to be satisfied with our products. Our goal is not to sell but to be sure that you wear our products with a smile.

And you know what’s the best in all of that?

We’ll dress you up from top to bottom!


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