1. How can I track my package?

2. Can I cancel my order?

3. I want to return the items. How can I do it?

4.Can I exchange the purchased item?

5.The product I’ve bought has a defect. Can I make a complaint?

6. Where do you manufacture your products?

7. Do you cooperate with other stores?

8. Are your products actually 100% vegan?

9. What do you do to be environmentally friendly?a>

10. What can I find in your newsletter? How often do you send it??

11. What is “in stock reminder”?

12. Can you pack my order as a gift?

13. Can I make customized orders for my company?


14. How do you make your standard socks?

15. What’s so special about combed cotton?

16. What is organic cotton and why socks made out of it are more expensive?

17. Is the cuff going to squeeze my ankle?

18. What if my size is 41//42?

19. Why is the sizes’ range so wide?

20. Do you have non-slip socks for the kids?

21. How to wash KABAK socks?

22. Will the glitter socks irritate my sensitive skin?

23. Why do some of the socks seem thicker than the others?

24. Why sometimes socks in the same size seem to be different from each other?


25. Are all beanies in the same size?

26. Is the alcatraz beanie going to stretch?

27. Which beanie is the thickest/the warmest?

28. How to wash your beanies?


29. Why do the prices of lingerie differ?

30. Why is there no only cotton lingerie?

31. Is the underwear breathable enough?

32. How to wash KABAK underwear?


33. What size are your scarves?

34. How to wash the scarves?


35. How to wash the towels?


36. How to clean the belts?

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