From the beginning

KABAK are original socks designed by two young people from Warsaw for those, who need a bit of madness and color in their life.

It all started during winter 2012/2013. Our vision was clear - to spread happiness into your life. The idea of colorful socks grew in us for a long time. We knew the realities of polish textiles industry and we knew that in our country you can manufacture things that are qualitatively great. The only problem was to find people, who would share our opinions and visions; people who would empathize with our style and what we wanted to achieve. 

Kasia, our designer, and Kuba - responsible for marketing, sales and everyday tasks related to the management, decided to create a brand that will, in contrary to what they found in shops, live up to their expectations, give people smile and will help by creating a unique look. "We wanted Kabak to be a sock for everyone, so that everyone can find something for oneself" repeat Kasia and Kuba.

The beginning, as you can guess, was difficult. KABAK started off with selling our first three models of socks. Successively Kuba and Kasia appeared on an increasing number of fashion fairs in the capital and they managed to convince more people of their little project. In February 2014 they were able to create a website, which storeroom was located at the beginning in Kuba’s and Kasia’s apartment. The amount of orders and deliveries started to be a problem and the situation forced them to look for a real space, in which we could serve clients and work on other projects.

Together with our ideas and brand grew our KABAK-team. In this way Ola, Klaudia, Marysia and Dymitr joined us and take care of you in our shop.

After four years we are able to provide our customers really high quality combed cotton socks for every occasion and style. We polished up every detail which makes us very proud. 

Our customers are the agents of our changes, so thanks to you we went further than we expected and from June 2016, instead of in Al. Jerozolimskie street, you can meet us at Hoża 51 street in Warsaw in a larger, newly-renovated shop.

Autumn 2016 has also brought another change. Together with a polish brand Vintage For Ever we opened a second KABAK shop, and this time at polish seaside, in Gdańsk, in Zamenhofa 39C street.

This is KABAK at this point, but this is definitely not our last word! We still have a lot of dreams that sooner or later will be fulfilled with and thanks to you! :)

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