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Composition: 100% soy wax and natural, tested etheric oils: raspberry, bergamot, fig leaves, tomato leaves.

All KABAK candles are available in 180ml jars.

KABAK soy wax candles are handmade in Poland. They're also 100% vegan - we use biodegradable soy wax and etheric oils sourced from the plants only. KABAK candles are safe for the skin and are great for keeping inside the house where the kids and animals are present. Glass package is recyclable - we encourage you to reuse it. :)

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Candle burning instructions

How to burn a wooden wick candle:

- A characteristic feature of wooden wicks is a variable, sometimes low flame - the candle may look like it is slightly glowing.

- The candle should be at room temperature before lighting - do not light candles that have just been picked up from a courier in winter 😉

- Do not place and light up the candle in a draft.

- The candle should be lit with matches, and when lighting it, it should not be turned or tilted. When lighting a candle, it is worth holding the flame longer so that the wooden wick has a chance to ignite properly.

- The time of the first burning of the candle should be min. 2-3 hours, so that the wax has time to dissolve over the entire surface of the candle and burn evenly. Too short burning of the candle causes the wax to melt only at the wick, and its level on the walls remains unchanged (so-called tunnelling). The same happens when the candle burns for too long, because after about 4 hours the wax begins to melt not only on the surface, but also deeper, which may cause the entire wick to move.

- If the candle is "tunneled", the wax on the walls should be scraped off (e.g. with a cotton bud) to level the surface of the wax. Never remove the wax around the wick.

- It is worth taking care of the proper storage of scented candles - they are sensitive to the sun and temperature, so it is best to keep them in quite cool and shaded places.

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