Woven belt Summer vibes

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We present the latest collection of KABAK belts, which includes 5 completely new, original weaves.

Belt summer vibes are full of 4 cheerful colors: yellow, blue, red and white, combined in one weave. It is a perfect complement to almost any summer outfit, no matter if male or female, and allows you to refresh your wardrobe simply and quickly before the upcoming holidays :)

Woven belt KABAK was made using highest quality nylon woven tape which is very durable and stretchy - elastic fibres make the belt long lasting. The belt is finished with a buckle which is made of a non allergic metal alloy. A great advantage of the belt is its woven structure. You decide where to punch a hole without damaging the structure of the belt.

Composition: 90% nylon, 5% PU, 5% nickel-free metal alloy

Length: 110 cm, after stretching up to 130 cm

Care: if dirty, KABAK belt should be wiped gently with a damp cloth or sponge.

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